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(:>) Emoticons and Smileys (:>)
Add emotion to your Email and forum messages Simple fast easy to use. No need to take your hands off the keyboard. Just press the hot key followed by a letter or use the mouse and click the emoticon into your email. The first 36 are keyed to letters of the alphabet. For that "special emotion", you have an alternate list containing over 200 Smileys from which to choose. Emotica will even DECODE an Emoticon received by the User. REGISTERED Users can edit, assign keys, and CREATE Emoticons. Comprehensive help, install, & uninstall included.

Define your own emoticons. top
The enclosed editor lets you add , change or delete the Emoticon list.

Some words on downloading, installing and uninstalling top
  1. ShulaMIT does not place any modules in to your windows directory
  2. All programs can be uninstalled
  3. You must have a copy of VBRUN300.dll. To speed up the down load we do not include this file. This is a Microsoft DLL and is required for programs written in Visual Basic. You are allowed to copy it. If you require VBRUN300 send us an Email and place the word VBRUN300 in the Subject line. Click here to receive VBRUN300

How to Obtain Demo Software top
Send us an Email and place the word Emotica in the Subject line.
Click here for Demo Software

How To Order top

Emotica            10.00$  (SWREG 10632 Compuserve)         
CodeClipper        69.00$          
HiroWriter         45.00$
Vbrun300.dll       no charge

Free Emotica with purchase of either HiroWriter or CodeClipper. 
All prices $US (Canadian taxes where applicable included) 

Emotica and VBRUN300 will be Emailed.
CodeClipper will be Emailed and a 15 page manual with
disk will be sent by surface mail.
HiroWriter disks and 25 page manual will be sent by surface mail.

Send Check or money order to
ShulaMIT Inc.
394 Dufferin Rd Montreal QC H3X2Y7 

No questions asked 30 day money back guarrantee.

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