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HiroWriter (Windows 3.1 95 NT) Edit Screen
HiroWriter allows you to type sentences and have them transliterated into Hieroglyphics. Great for school projects. The program contains over 1000 Glyphs. You can even choose a background such as marble sand etc. All creations are visible on the screen. Output can be to a printer or to a file. Program contains a 29 page manual.

HiroWriter Output
HiroWriter lets you choose from a selection of borders and surfaces. The following is a shortened view. The word HiroWriter is enclosed in an optional cartouche. (the following is the top left section of the page)

Top left section of the page. Actual size 640x800. User can select surfaces and borders

How to Obtain Demo Software top
Sorry HiroWriter is not available as a demo. If you send us an Email we will gladly send you some sample print outs. Click here for sample print outs

How To Order top
HiroWriter 45.00$ Free Emotica with purchase of either HiroWriter or CodeClipper. All prices $US (Canadian taxes where applicable included) HiroWriter disks and 25 page manual will be sent by mail. Send Check or money order to

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